• Meet Our Associate - Katie

    Written by: Mary Schofield | March 2018


    Meet Our Associate was created as way to highlight some of the professionals who have chosen to contribute, grow and develop here.

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  • Diversifying Your Workforce

    Written by: Amy Studhalter | October 2017

    Diversifying Your Workforce

    An organization’s success and competitive edge often depends on how diversity is embraced. Diversity in the workplace is a topic that is arising more and more amongst hiring managers seeking the perfect fit for their organization. Different backgrounds and perspectives can lead to a variety of new ideas, knowledge and ways of doing things which have a greater impact of propelling a company or team forward.

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  • Eight Tips for Keeping Your Resume Up to Date

    Written by: Lauren Brooks | August 2017

    Updating your Resume

    Are you anticipating an employment change in the near future or currently seeking a new opportunity? Updating your resume should be completed at least annually even if you have no intention of changing jobs any time soon.

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  • The Advantages of Contract Employment

    Written by: Michelle Zundl | June 2017

    Advantages of contract employment

    Large companies are embracing the benefits of contract labor at the same time that many job seekers turn to contract employment to enhance their work-life balance, expand their experience and create variety in their work. They are often surprised to discover that temporary work...

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  • Eight Tips for a Successful Interview

    Written by: Doug Orciani | April 2017

    Interview tips image

    Have a firm handshake, make eye contact, and say "thank you". These offers of advice are often given to someone before an interview. Have you ever checked all these boxes and still left an interview feeling uneasy about your performance? Well, you’re not alone.

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  • Celebrating 30 Years Serving Fidelity

    Written by: Doug Orciani | December 2016

    Veritude 30the anniversary

    Today, more than 2,000 Veritude associates work at Fidelity Investments in roles ranging from IT and business consulting to administrative support. Annually, approximately 2,000 Fidelity managers rely on Veritude to source and manage temporary talent needed to achieve business objectives.

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